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    Chicago Stars series by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. series/chicago-stars. Epub format. It Had to Be You (Chicago Stars #1). Chicago Stars has 15 entries in the series. Chicago Stars (Series). Susan Elizabeth Phillips Author Anna Fields Narrator (). cover image of It Had to Be . Chicago Stars Series. CHICAGO STARS READING GUIDE. FIRST STAR I SEE TONIGHT, Chicago Stars Book 8, is available now. Readers will see a few old.

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    Chicago Stars Series Epub

    Editorial Reviews. Review. "Watch Susan Elizabeth Phillips go places!"--" LaVyrle Spencer""A out of 5 stars · $ · Natural Born Charmer ( Chicago Stars Series Book 7)Kindle Edition. Susan Elizabeth Phillips · out of 5 stars #2) EPUB; Heaven, Texas (Chicago Stars Series #2) MOBI. Rent the Canon 5D Heaven, Texas (Chicago Stars Series #2) Mark 3 camera. They also give it the. author Susan Elizabeth Phillips magic is vibrantly alive, and its on display in This Heart of Mine, the fifth book in her wildly popular Chicago Stars series!.

    Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Other editions. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other: Thanks for telling us about the problem.

    View all 8 comments. Sep 10, Jane Stewart rated it it was amazing Shelves: It was so fun to be in this book. I laughed a lot the first time I read it. He kept her away in boarding schools and camps. She creates a false front, looking and acting like a Marilyn Monroe-Mae West-blond-bombshell-bimb It was so fun to be in this book. She creates a false front, looking and acting like a Marilyn Monroe-Mae West-blond-bombshell-bimbo.

    She appears silly and not smart, but underneath she is very smart. Because of this false front her dialogue does not fit her inner motivations.

    And it provides good dialogue and conflict. There are no details about the rape. It consists of Phoebe telling her father afterwards that she has been raped. Some readers avoid books with rape scenes.

    I think this might be mild enough not to bother them. Dan was a football star and is now head coach of a pro football team. Dan and Phoebe conflicts are entertaining. He starts dating a kindergarten teacher thinking she fits. But then he finds himself drawn to Phoebe. Anna Fields did a great job with male and female voices.

    Narrative mode: Story length: Swearing language: Sexual language: Number of sex or kissing scenes: Dates below are copyright dates.

    Nobody's Baby But Mine

    In the two series, I recommend reading them in order but not required. Some characters have minor parts flowing into future books. Fancy Pants 5 stars. Lady Be Good 5 stars.

    Call Me Irresistible 4 stars. It Had To Be You 5 stars. Heaven, Texas 5 stars. Dream A Little Dream 4 stars. This Heart Of Mine 5 stars.

    Match Me If You Can 5 stars. The Copeland Bride writing as Justine Cole 2 stars. Just Imagine aka Risen Glory 5 stars. Hot Shot 4 stars. Honey Moon 4 stars. Kiss An Angel 3 stars. Breathing Room 4 stars. Heroes Are My Weakness View all 3 comments. Jul 12, Nana rated it it was amazing. Como no darle 5 estrellas a este libro???

    Me encanta SEP sin duda es una de mis escritoras favoritas porque no me canso de leerla y siempre me sorprende. Que joya! Gracias Como no darle 5 estrellas a este libro??? Gracias gracias por esta delicia..

    I owe a huge debt of gratitude to my friends Karen, Mo and Sharon for clogging my feed with updates of binge reading books by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Because of them I just may have found a new favorite author. I definitely discovered a delightful sports romance to add to my favorites bookshelf. But the refreshing writing style sets this book apart from its more modern counterparts and makes it reminiscent of the types of romance novels that made me fall in love with the genre.

    This book has the perfect blend of poignancy and humor. When are you going to finish inventing yourself? The love scenes are sexy and pack a lot of heat without feeling raunchy.

    Susan Elizabeth Phillips has created a wonderful cast of characters, including the lovable members of the Chicago Stars football team. My favorite character, however, is Phoebe. She is so much more than she appears to be on the outside. View all 33 comments. Y, nada negativo puedo decir, bien escrito, con buen ritmo y engancha, interesante el mund 3.

    Y, nada negativo puedo decir, bien escrito, con buen ritmo y engancha, interesante el mundo del futbol americano que desconozco totalmente. Personajes bien construidos View 2 comments. May 21, Karla rated it really liked it Shelves: What started out as a book I thought I wasn't going to be too fond of, turned into a story I loved! I read this entire series out of order. Then it was on to Heaven, Texas , very good and funny, and now back to book one. So unlike me to do this, but hey, what can I say.

    Anyhoo, in those books you always hear about Phoebe and Dan Calebow, the owners of the Stars, so I had to read their story for myself.

    Well, I was cringing a little in the beginning, particularly because of one scene, but this is SEP so I knew what I was reading was not really what I was reading. It happened again a little later in the book, and of course my mind did the same thing, but once it was all explained, I breathed a sigh of relief and the story took hold. SEP worked her magic on me and I ended up loving Dan and Phoebe's story and seeing them both live their dream.

    The epilogue was beautiful! View all 12 comments. Sep 16, Mo rated it it was amazing. This was a re-re-re-re-read!! I must read it nearly every fecking year. I love Dan. I love Phoebe. Thought I was updating on the kindle version but I seem to have been updating on the paperback one. Sorry about that. There will be two ratings on here then.

    View all 10 comments. Nov 04, Ronyell rated it it was amazing Shelves: To be honest, I have always been a huge fan of historical romance since it takes me to a time that is so completely different from the current times.

    However, after reading this little gem of a romance novel, I started to gain interest in the world of contemporary romance. When Bert Somerville, the owner of the prized football team, the Chicago Stars, dies he left in his will that his estranged daughter, Phoebe Somerville, will inherit the football team after his death. Unfortunately, since Phoebe and her father never got along, there is a condition that Phoebe must follow in order to be successful in inheriting the football team.

    Things get more complicated when Phoebe meets the head football coach, Dan Calebow and at first sight, the two of them never got along. However, Phoebe and Dan will soon discover how true love can work in mysterious ways…especially on the football field!

    NO, that is not so!

    Chicago Stars(Series) · OverDrive (Rakuten OverDrive): eBooks, audiobooks and videos for libraries

    Susan Elizabeth Phillips has not only written a romance novel full of hot and sizzling love scenes, but she wrote a romance novel that is full of drama and love! Susan Elizabeth Phillips made the characters come to life in this novel, especially Phoebe Somerville and Dan Calebow! Let me just say that I just love Phoebe Somerville to death!

    Not only is Phoebe truly attractive to the boys, but she is extremely independent and I loved the way that she handles the football team with so much confidence, despite the fact that she does not know anything about football. I also loved the fact that Phoebe is always so determined to do everything right, no matter how hard the task is and I loved her relationship with her younger half-sister Molly and her attempts to make Molly see her as a good person, which truly makes Phoebe into such a caring heroine.

    I truly felt for her character when she experienced that horrible event and it was understandable why she would not let Dan near her in the first place. Dan Calebow is clearly one of my favorite romance heroes of all time because even though he has a terrible temper, he can be so caring and funny towards Phoebe and his dedication to football is truly inspiring in his nature.

    Also, his dream of marrying a woman who loves children and wants to start a family with him, is just so sweet and dreamy! I just love men who are so caring about having a family of their own to take care of!

    And do not forget the love scenes between Phoebe and Dan! They are truly smoking and romance fans everywhere will definitely be fanning themselves once they read through these love scenes between Dan and Phoebe! For those of you who do not like strong language and strong sex scenes, this novel has a lot of strong language and the sex scenes might be too explicit, so it would be best to skip over these scenes if it becomes too problematic.

    Review is also on: Rabbit Ears Book Blog Lo malo, ahora voy a coger el libro de Bobby. O lo que quieras hacer de mi, sobre mi, encima de mi, a mi lado. No soy una mujer con perjuicios. Y por otro lado tenemos a Dan Calebow aihhhhhh!!! Con eso digo todo. Pues si juntamos a estos dos personajes, ya podemos imaginar lo que surge de ese enfrentamiento. Chicago Stars? Ugh, so fake. It puts me in the mindset of, Ugh, this makes everything feel so fake.

    I dunno. Anyway, this book and I had a very rocky start. The story seemed like it was going to be stupid. And there were a couple writing issues that almost made me quit there was a sentence comparing the players to plantation workers and their master that my body just physically rejected. And there was also that sentence about the lady who you knew was good with dogs because she had a shiatsu. Phoebe was really hard to take in the beginning and sometimes in the middle and end as well , but the depth of her character surprised me, and I totally warmed up to her eventually.

    And while the story was a little ridiculous, it ended up being fun, not stupid: Oh, and that stuff with Hardesty - that was super stupid, too: P hide spoiler ] Dan was a fricken caveman, but he could be kind of charming too. Son personajes con sus cargas y traumas pero que se encuentran y echan chispas. Es una historia muy divertida, ingeniosa, con momentos realmente divertidos y unos personajes que son puro amor.

    Sep 15, Ingie rated it really liked it Recommended to Ingie by: Phillips has the talent to write wonderful charming romances. After reading two amazing books by Susan Elizabeth Phillips was it time for the third.

    It Had to Be You recommended by my friend and fellow citizen Susanne 5 stars. The very best book by this author, according to her. It Had to Be You is a 20 years old romance from I'll try to keep myself short.. A complete surprise for her and for everyone else.

    She has not been her father's favorite daughter After years of avoiding her old hometown and her father, Phoebe is now as a 32 year old , forced to very reluctant return "home". She has to take care of a big football team, the staff, new dollar contracts, unsympathetic huge men and also a younger unfriendly teenage half-sister she barely knows. She is among the most stupid and ridiculous woman he ever met. Eye candy or not. Appearances may be deceiving. The games start and the battle begins And Coach Dan, this temperamental man a 37 years old former football player , is he able to manage his temper and lead the team to necessary new victories?

    And, perhaps most importantly, is Dan able to handle the new team-owner and perhaps even see something more in this flashy blonde? It starts with prejudices, preconceptions, an innate stubbornness and proudly characters, and of course several fun misunderstandings.

    But be just calm and patient, it turns right, and indeed then things hot up properly. God, he was cute. Cute and sexy and hunky and mean. It would take a lot of woman to tame a man like him.

    She uncrossed her legs. It would take a bed, too. A sweaty muscular and physically fit 37 year old in the gym can not be completely wrong.

    I shouldn't say no. Her hips get men on the case. A 'sassy' awesome lady Moreover, she lurks them all for this girl has wits. A traditional contemporary romance - a stellar. A perfect feel good read. Hopefully you will chuckle, laugh, cry, and be amazed, surprised and just smile your silly "cozy smiling". And get the chance to live out all your emotions. I did at least. For god's sake, don't miss these lovely, sizzling hot , super romantic books by Susan Elizabeth Phillips.

    Thanks for joining me dear! I also need to highly recommend two other great 5 stars romanses by this author: At last View all 39 comments. I enjoyed it. Perhaps more so since I've been experiencing a dry spell of DNFs lately. This book is contemporary-ish. It was published in '94 and definitely shows its age.

    I tend to enjoy the older books, but understand some want nothing to do with anything written last century. If you're one of those readers who is iffy about older romances, this probably isn't the book for you. Also there could potentially be triggers for sex abuse victims.

    The beginning was odd. I can see any reader being turn I enjoyed it. I can see any reader being turned off by the role play scene between the hero and his ex-wife. The way it was written made it seem that the hero was honestly interested in getting it on with a year-old, rather than him playing along with one of his ex-wife's sexual power play scenarios.

    We also get to see the sex scene. The heroine was definitely over-the-top. I do wish her Betty Boop persona had been toned down some. I understood that she was using her sexuality as a power play, but some of her shenanigans were just silly and I felt attempting to play it for laughs took something away from what was a very tragic situation. As a rape victim, she felt powerless and developed a persona that used the sexual appeal she blamed for her rape as a shield.

    She even went through a brief period of promiscuity after the rape before taking refuge as the 'mistress' of a gay man and being celibate for 15 years. In most romance novels, a rape is almost always followed by sexual deep freeze. I admired SEP for bringing in the real fact that sometimes sex abuse victims become promiscuous.

    It seems counter-intuitive, but the human psyche is complex. The hero had his own issues based on an abusive childhood that encouraged anger as the only acceptable emotion.

    He had some epic explosions that made him look like a complete ass and he wasn't the most politically correct guy. I couldn't help liking him though, he wasn't a bad guy and showed more compassion and understanding of the heroine's past than I expected based on some of his temper tantrums.

    He was a jealous guy, but he did not encompass the heroine's rapist or her post-rape behavior in his jealousy. This had it's faults, but it really drew me in. It's fine that people enjoy watching, I just don't get it. Yo, que soy una reketefan de la SEP Para mi es maravilloso. Barbie explosiva que se come a los hombres con patatas. Vemos como poco a poco, la verdadera Phoebe se va mostrando y no es ni mucho menos lo que parece en realidad. Dan Calebow Es una historia maravillosa, toda ella.

    Cuando lo he terminado, lo hubiera vuelto a empezar. Oct 14, Paige Bookdragon rated it really liked it Shelves: I think the best reason why this book is awesome is that, other than the usual SEP factor, this book gives a giant fuck you to the "dumb blonde" mentality.

    I hate that phrase and I hate it when people uses that to their books but SEP created a character who is blonde, who is smart and who is kind.

    Jan 17, Alejandra rated it it was amazing. Absolutamente genial. View all 4 comments. Feb 25, Eastofoz rated it liked it Recommends it for: Chick-lit with a side order of romance fans. He also flew off the handle like some psycho for no reason. The heroine had too many issues and her whole switch in persona at the end was just too unbelievable.

    There is way too much football filler in this novel too. I like a good sports romance but sometimes this went overboard. I guess you could say that it added to the story but it did nothing for the romance, apart from take time away from it!

    The novel also has a very dated 90s feel to it —lots of references to AIDS, homophobia and having gay friends which just sounded too preachy to me.

    As for the other characters they were pretty good. The side story about the deranged father was very typical so that was a headache to read and I ended up skimming most of it. The writing is good overall way too much narration in some parts though. View all 29 comments. Dicho esto, me ha encantado releer este libro. El tema central de este libro sin duda son los prejuicios, aquellos que logran alejar y juzgar a las personas. View 1 comment. Oct 15, Jacob Proffitt rated it it was amazing Shelves: A new-to-me author and a book written in That's taking a chance.

    And I'm so glad I did. I thoroughly enjoyed it, though there are some elements that are going to divide based on audience experience and expectation, I think. Phillips gives herself a hard hurdle from the start with Phoebe.

    She's a victim of rape who has since learned to manipulate sexual situations by turning all situations sexual with her in control. In other words, she maximizes her sexual broadcast to emphasize her desirabil A new-to-me author and a book written in In other words, she maximizes her sexual broadcast to emphasize her desirability in order to be able to turn all men down with the implication they don't meet her exacting standards.

    So she comes off as a tramp, deliberately, but does so to guard her celibacy. At the core, though, is a fear of men that has persisted for fifteen years. Part of the success of this strategy in her past is the discovery of high-profile gay men artists, mainly who use her as a beard—starting with one more than forty years her senior who ended up being more the father she never had than the lover they pretend he is. This being the mid 90s, AIDS plays a big role in her experience and so does sympathy for the gay community.

    This all works very well to set her up as an artsy socialite and the exact opposite of what the NFL world she finds herself in would value. Not content with the hangups in the heroine, Phillips doubles down with Dan; he's a nice guy in a manly profession whose ex-wife still wants him to play dominance games with her.

    He doesn't like the games, but the sex is good and he really doesn't want to return to the sexual smorgasbord of his youth as a famous football player.

    Which leaves him highly vulnerable to misunderstanding Phoebe's whipsaw sexuality and susceptible to traumatizing her further when he gets her mixed signals. Which is a really tricky line to walk and where personal background and experience will lead people with otherwise similar tastes to have vastly different perceptions of this book, I think.

    Personally, I found Dan's charm and kindness and care nine kind of engaging and I fell for him early and hard. Almost as hard as I fell for Phoebe. I've always been a sucker for the strong alpha with a kind heart and ready sympathy and Dan is all that and more.

    His concern while trying to decrypt Phoebe's signals had me from their first interactions and kept me through his inevitable missteps and apologies. That said, I would completely understand if others had a hard time with Dan's misreads and wrote him off as a result. There are one and a half drawbacks I had with the book, but they're relatively minor. The main drawback is the psycho weirdo stalking Dan and the couple of page-long sections from his viewpoint.

    I found those completely unnecessary and view spoiler [the whole kidnapping to force a loss thing was just stupid. Phillips had already done a great job making that game meaningful and it could have easily been expressed better as a game with a lot on the line without adding stupid drama.

    That this is the only time I thought Phillips broke with reality in how professional football and the NFL would react doesn't help cheating is a big fat hairy deal and there's no way Dan would have escaped hearings and been at least suspended during their course hide spoiler ].

    The half problem was view spoiler [making cousin Reed a moustache-twirling villain. There's a section a little bit in where we're given hope he isn't a complete waste, but that's quickly countered and I was sad to see Phillips go to stereotype there hide spoiler ].

    As strongly engaged as I was and able to pull me away from my New Orleans vacation to read , this was an easy five stars. The small detractions didn't pull it down enough to lower the rating. A note about Steamy: Three plus one explicit sex scenes put this on the high side of my tolerance, though only barely. That's mainly because they're so tightly tied to Phoebe's emotional recovery and they're exactly where Dan shines best. The plus one is a scene that lets the reader know the kind of games Dan has become used to with his ex.

    Which makes it a judgement call to include, but I think Phillips used it well so it doesn't trip my "sex with other people" pet peeve I usually have in romances. Jan 17, Floripiquita rated it it was amazing Shelves: Los protagonistas de este libro son geniales por separado pero juntos Muy recomendable.

    Relectura gracias al RetoRita. And then there's Cooper Graham himself, a legendary sports hero who always gets what he wants-even if what he wants is a feisty detective hell bent on proving she's as tough as he is. From the bustling streets of Chicago to a windswept lighthouse on Lake Superior to the glistening waters of Biscayne Bay, two people who can't stand to lose will test themselves and each other to discover what matters most.

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